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Hisar Tekstil was founded in 1973 in Istanbul as a small workshop by Topbas family and has become one of the leading manufacturers in upholstery fabric industry by developing itself in a short time. The company has been the second Turkish company that has participated to fairs which has been held at abroad. Hisar Tekstil has used to produce upholstery fabric by making the raw material as fiber to yarn in its integrated facilities. Beside of it, the company has produced carpets and praying rugs. Also the company has contributed to improve velvet manufacturing at Turkey and Hisar Tekstil has been the pioneer company that produced velvet praying rug in Turkey.

Our company has sold momentous meters in domestic market and has exported to more than 50 countries consistently. Thus we have been an indispensable supplier for many customers. As a result of those regular exports, Hisar Tekstil has got a lot of awards with a great pride and happiness and has the best representation of Turkey.

Hisar Tekstil has gained a beautiful place in customer’s and supplier’s heart because of honest, quality and perfectionist commercial understanding and keeps going on in the same way with the same features.
For meeting with the conditions of globalizing world, customer’s changing needs and bringing a new breath to the sector, Hisar Tekstil has terminated the production activities in 2010 and since that date has decided to continue its operations as a commercial firm.


In this way, Hisar Tekstil is presenting knitting upholstery fabrics that are imported and unique weaving upholstery fabrics which are being produced with its vast experiences in Turkey to customer’s appreciation with good quality, fair price and on time delivery services.Hisar Tekstil has a great experience in upholstery fabrics thus its always looking future with confidence and hopes by following the present developments strongly and replies the demand of the sector easily.With wishing to cooperate with our valuable customers like you for many years…

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